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All that you need in one box… one subscription, from learning booklet to all required material
what a great gift for all occasions.

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0-3 years old

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5-7 years old

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What comes in my box

Stem Wonder boxes are reusable and include everything you need! Your box(s) are prepared by our creative scientists, carefully designed, age-appropriate, full of fun and facts, and videos. We put in the hard work of collecting resources for you.  Now it is time for you and your child to enjoy. Our kits come with:

  • An amazing STEM/Science projects,
  • A fully colored learning guide with STEM ideas.
  • A child-friendly, step-by-step instruction booklet.
  • High-quality materials needed for the  activity
  • A special gift with each box.
  • Child-sized safety equipment
  • STEMlar bills you can collect and redeem later for gifts.

Why Wonder Box

CREATIVE Allow your child to get creative and develop clever ways of thinking through explorations with Wonder Box. Help build your child’s creativity in ways that will be transferable and support their pursuits in almost every aspect of life!

CONVENIENT Everything needed for a STEM activity is inside the Wonder Box, including background information, materials, and instructions to guide your child to succeed. It is delivered to your doorstep, following all modern safety protocols, for a hassle-free experience.

HANDS-ON, MINDS-ON Our approach to education has your child DOING STEM with Wonder Box instead of WATCHING. Hands-on activities keep your child’s mind engaged and helps in learning and retention of what they experience for years to come!

IMPROVE DEVELOPMENT Our Wonder Box is appropriate for the chosen age group, enhancing fine motor skills, communication, critical thinking, and curiosity for better cerebral development. These skills help your child reach their full potential.

FAMILY TIME Wonder Box brings families together with interactive and engaging programs that are fun for the whole family! Time spent with your child doing these activities will improve your bond and guide their learning experience!

COMPETITIVE EDGE If you enjoy a bit of competition to heighten the experience, try challenging others around the world in our “STEM Challenges” offering. There are opportunities for prizes, being placed in a ranking, and more!  

EXPERTLY BUILT – EXPERTLY TESTED Our programs are designed from the input of multiple
scientists who are on our team. They are, updated and revised
constantly, based on the feedback we receive!    


step 1: Choose a subscription and explore all year!

step 2: We delivered to your door or mailbox. Packages will arrive at the planned time unless we experienced any unforeseen issues.

step 3: Create, Build and Enjoy. Our kits are engaging, age-appropriate and provide a high-quality educational experience.

step 4: Earn STEMlar bills! With each purchase you earn STEMlar bills, which you can redeem for gifts.

Choose Your Membership

pricing Monthly $13/mo

  • Recommend Age: 10+
  • Assembly time: 2 – 3 hours
  • Pieces: 120

Subscribepricing 3 Months $22/mo

  • Recommend Age: 10+
  • Assembly time: 2 – 3 hours
  • Pieces: 120

Subscribepricing 6 Months $45/mo

  • Recommend Age: 10+
  • Assembly time: 2 – 3 hours
  • Pieces: 120

Subscribepricing 12 Monthly $80/mo

  • Recommend Age: 10+
  • Assembly time: 2 – 3 hours
  • Pieces: 120


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Wonder Box?

The Wonder Box is a science subscription box that is delivered to your door. Each box contains full-colour illustrated instructions to guide your child(ren) through hands-on activities,  a real-life application, and experiment extensions to solidify long-lasting learning. We have monthly programs across various age groups to provide age-appropriate content for your child(ren).

Are these products safe for my child?

Yes! your child safety is our top priority. All our products are safety tested and come with cautions and safety tips in the instruction manual.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping depends on the region it is being shipped to, shipping within Canada is $7.63 CAD and $10.99 CAD when shipping across the United States.

Can I calculate my shipping for my purchase order?

You can!  Simply add the items and quantities you wish to order into your cart.  In the “Review Cart” section, click “Calculate Shipping” under your cart total.  Enter in your Country, State, and Zip and the site will do the rest.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel your subscription box at any time at which point you will receive the remainder of your paid boxes and your subscription will not automatically renew. (Eg. If you subscribed for 6 months and decide to cancel after 4 months, you will receive the remaining 2 boxes and then your subscription will be stopped. If on a month-to-month subscription your subscription will stop at the next billing cycle). Cancelling subscriptions does not cancel boxes that have been prepaid, it stops the auto-renewal of the subscription.

What age is the Wonderbox designed for?

STEM Wonders has designed products for various age groups with products suitable for all ages. Currently, we have our Explorers (5-8 years), Challengers (9-11 years), Inventors (12-14 years), and Creators (15+ years) age groups. Keep up to date with our Mystery (for all ages) and Little Thinkers (2-4 years) boxs that will be added soon by subscribing to our mailing list!

When will I receive my first Wonder Box?

We ship our products on the 15th of each month and shipping takes approximately 5-7 days.

Will, my child receive the same box?

No, we have a schedule for all age groups that give each child an individualized cycle of programs that do not repeat themselves. We constantly develop new programs to give your child(ren) the best educational experience possible. Per in mind that if your child moved to a new age group there might be some similarities with different age-appropriate complexity.

How do I update my shipping information if I change my address during my subscription?

Send an email to us at with the subject line “Address Change” and we will make that change for you.

Where does my Wonder box ship to?

Currently, STEM Wonders Wonderbox can be shipped across Canada and the United States. We are looking to expand to international orders in the coming months.

When will my subscription renew?

Your subscription will renew on the 1st of each month, cancellation must be done prior to the first day of the last month of your subscription duration.

How can I change the credit card on file?

Simply send an email to with the subject line “Change Credit Card” and we will send you a list of steps to follow in order to change your credit card number securely.

Past Boxes


$20.00 – $90.00


$12.00 – $43.00

3D Assembly Wooden Excavator, Science Kit, suitable for Kids and Adults

$13.00 – $80.00


$10.00 – $1,150.00


$19.00 – $55.00

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