Our Story

What started as a dream of bringing to Calgary new ways to educate students has evolved into an international goal of providing hands-on experiences globally. In 2018 we created STEM Wonders – STEM for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, and Wonders for the excitement about these subjects that we wanted to create in the minds of children.   Originally, we made presentations at schools and birthday parties.  Now we continue to give once-in-a-lifetime experiences to thousands of students.   We are not stopping there.  Students around the world will benefit from our programs! We built our Wonder Box with your child in mind; age-appropriate, child-tested, safe, and challenging. Our “Hands-on, Minds-on” approach to education ensures your child’s learning lasts a lifetime! Stimulating creativity and the application of knowledge will help guide your child, along with you, in reaching your child’s full potential.   Our vision is to enhance the educational experience of children across the world, and to guide children to become creative and innovative individuals through our programs. Our mission is to help students keep up with the developments and technologies of our age and to enhance skills that may assist them in their future careers. Our goal is to introduce each child to the world of online and at-home STEM through activities and challenges.   At STEM Wonders we believe children are the future.  We believe that they are natural learners, and that there is no better way to learn than by hands-on activity. The STEM Wonder Box allows the child to experiment creatively in their way and to think like engineers and scientists. There is no better time for doing this than when the family is together, because we believe that a family should spend quality time together doing and learning. Please let us join you in making the world a better place!   Happy Holidays   Scientifically Yours,   N.Hunjul, family and the Stem Wonders Team
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