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Flight, Airplane, and Aviation | Stem Wonder Box

Inventors Box (Ages 9+)

Be the pilot of the day and take off to the sky with many hands-on, flight-based activities to enjoy.

In this STEM learning kit, you will learn everything about the four forces of flight explore the secrets of aerodynamics, and will build parachutes, hand-launched gliders, colorful airplanes, and helicopters!
Stem Wonder Box will help you learn how wings provide lift
and how pilots can navigate their airplanes using heading and attitude Indicators to stay up in the air.

Get ready to build your wooden glider model while using high-quality components and accessories from the kit.
Constructing your own model provides a strong foundation for future inventions, and increases your skills in mathematical and physical tasks.

Design Challenge – You are asked to design a motorized launcher to fly a paper airplane using only your wrist.

  • 31-page full-color learning booklet comes with:
    • Three learning concepts
    • Five Hands-On activities
    • Six Investigations
    • One Design Challenge
  • All activities are designed by experts and tested by kids
  • Easy-to-follow, step-by-step assembly instructions guide
  • Online assembly tutorial video to help with your project
  • Parents and explorers’ letters with safety instructions
  • All required materials to encourage kids to become an explorers
  • Many hours of educational fun