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STEM Wonders has a special currency: paper bills called STEM dollars or “STEMlars”. Subscribers can use STEMlars with our Wonder Box products only. With each subscription box, subscribers receive one paper bill worth one STEMlar.

Benefit of STEMlars

While collecting them, STEMlars can help subscribers develop the basics of financial management, independence, and economics. The face values of the bills can open conversations for your family.

Subscribers of all ages can collect STEMlars, thus gaining a sense of currency, learning how to add up money and how to do simple math. In addition, subscribers will benefit from earning, saving, spending, and learning how to redeem their money for products and more.

How it Works!

Choose one of our plans.

Receive one STEMlar bill with each box.

Collect 8 STEMlar bills

Send in your STEMlars to the company mailing address.

Redeem your gift

Subscribers can receive, collect, and exchange their STEMlars for a personal gift, mystery box, or gift their STEMlar to others.

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